The Importance of Unique Product Descriptions

by Jenny on August 6, 2014

Having unique product descriptions is extremely important in 2013 because so many distributors and vendors online are offering similar products. A unique description ensures that a browsing customer is, to put it strongly, “startled” into a long-lasting, remembered association between the product description and the product. Using rich language filled with interesting and unique ideas captivates the reader’s imagination and makes for a shopping experience that stands out against all of the other shopping experiences the reader might have that day, throughout the week, and so forth (and so on).

Unique product descriptions also ensure that the machines which identify, catalogue, and anchor the content into search engines have original material that separates products and services from the competition. A listless or misleading product description can bury the product or service underneath its many competitors on the Internet. It can also drive away potential clients or customers, who can come away from their browsing experience confused or unimpressed with the quality implicit in the writing of the product description.

While using buzzwords and phrases loaded with marketing meaning, such as “sale,” “super cheap,” “lightning-fast delivery,” are all good ways to sell products, filling the descriptions with ideas that point to imagery and associations outside of the products themselves create a unique browsing experience that sets readers’ minds in motion. When describing a pair of shoes, for instance, the description might point out its selling points, such as the affordability of the pair of shoes, the quality of the materials, or the good deal on its shipping. Also, try including a little story about how one person wore those shoes in a run through nature that ended with an exciting twist can make a simple pair of shoes more memorable to the shopper, who might return to buy them later on. This is just one example of the many possibilities.

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