The Power of Blog Writing in Spanish

by Jenny on July 4, 2012

"Bienvenidos!  Se habla espanol".  How many times have you seen those words on welcome signs greeting visitors to U.S. businesses over the past 20 years?  The growth of the Hispanic and Latino community in America since 1980 has been phenomenal.  According to 2010 statistics, there are now more than 153 million people who search the Internet strictly in Spanish.   So, let's consider how the power of blog writing in Spanish can help you serve this growing segment of the population and help boost your businesses' bottom line.

The advent of publications with names like "Latina Style" and "Su Casa" only point to the growing importance and attention Spanish-speaking buyers command in today's global marketplace. Businesses wanting to capture a bigger share of the Hispanic and Latino market must command buyers'  attention as well.  This is mainly accomplished through the use of SEO product descriptions designed to raise the company's brand awareness and name recognition.  The ultimate goal is to have the client company consistently appear on the first page of Internet search rankings on Google, Yahoo, and MSN.  Potential buyers find your products and services first and perceive your brand as being the best. Once this has been achieved, the power of blog writing in Spanish becomes readily apparent. 

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