The Power of Blogging for Business in Multiple languages and on Multiple Platforms

by Jenny on August 26, 2012

In 2002, an estimated 250 million people surfed the world wide web. By 2011, that number had grown to more than 2 billion, based upon figures compiled by the United Nations.  The Internet is big business.  e-commerce sites like have grown exponentially, while many big box stores are struggling to survive. The world has shrunk. We live in a "Global Village". Harness the power of blogging for business in multiple languages and on multiple platforms.

English is still the world's foremost language for international trade, commerce, and finance.  The website Internet World Stats lists English as being the dominant language of the Internet, used by more than 565 million people, based upon May 31, 2011 statistics.  Chinese ranks as the second most popular Internet language with almost 510 million users, followed by Spanish in third with nearly 165 million preferring to surf the world wide web in Espanol.  Japanese, Portuguese, German, Arabic, French, Russian, and Korean round out the top ten.  Digital content creation in multiple languages presents multiple opportunities for your businesses' brand, products and services to be seen and purchased by people around the world.  Seize the opportunity!  Go global!

Content marketing services can advise you how to use multiple platforms to power your business to new blogging heights. SEO product descriptions combined with social media optimization (SMO), video logs (Vlogs) and podcasts are tools of the trade to smooth the wheels of commerce, helping your business increase international trade.

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