The Power of Content Creation Tools in the Global World of e-Commerce

by Jenny on August 14, 2012

I just came across some interesting news.  News you can use. 

The University of Georgia, in it's 2011 Annual Survey of Journalism and Mass Communication Graduates, found that 76.2 percent of bachelor's degree recipients reported getting their news online the previous day.  Even more astounding was that 56.2 of the graduates surveyed reported getting their news from a mobile device the previous day, a jump of more than 12 percent from 2010.  The numbers do not portend well for print journalism, with many newspapers already in severe decline and some headed for extinction.  As the University of Georgia statistics clearly illustrate, we live in a digital society.  As such, the power of content creation tools in the global world of e-Commerce is unparalleled, if used correctly.

Let's talk about SEO product descriptions and keywords.  As you probably know, SEO stands for search engine optimization.  Keywords are the individual words that unlock the power of major search engine algorithmic rankings, used by Google, Yahoo and MSN.  For example, say you are searching for old cars.   Did you really mean old cars, or did you want to search for classic cars?  Web surfers navigate to the sites they are looking for by using exact keywords to define their search parameters.  So, too, companies must insure that all of the keywords and phrases that define their products and services are embedded in their SEO web copy, as well as social media optimized (SMO) links to their website.

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