The Power of The Art and Science of Blogging: How It Can Help Build Your Business

by Jenny on September 11, 2012

Let's cut to the chase.  Just like drops of waters in the ocean, aspiring writers abound, never more so than in the Internet blogosphere of the 21st Century.  What is surprising is the fact that now even the rather staid scientific community has jumped on the blogging bandwagon!  We'll present facts for your review in a moment, but as you read, please keep in mind the fact that the power of the art and science of blogging:  how it can help build your business is more than just a headline.  It's news you can use. 

Consider a blog-style article by Marianne de Nazareth, published in the August 3, 2012 edition of Scientific American entitled "Conversations about Science:  The Role of Blogs and Social Media".   In it, Ms. de Nazareth, a veteran journalist most recently with the Deccan Herald of Bangalore, India, states that writing about science has changed dramatically since 2004 with the advent of blogging.  It seems that freelance blog writers are in high demand by major scientific publications for the simple reason that they know how to translate scientific jargon into everyday language that readers can comprehend.     

The takeaway for business is that words, if used correctly, help convey the power of the art and science of blogging into more readers, more viewers, and more consumers.  Digital content creation laced with SEO product descriptions and keywords can make your businesses' website buzz with activity.

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