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by Jenny on August 31, 2010

How Long Should I Write?

How Long Should I Write?

How long should a blog be, and what factors should you consider? Reading Compendium’s post on Content Creation really helps encourage blog writers with their tips and strategies for effective blog content for lead generation.

Corporate weblogs want to give information, but how can that be possible if the audience has limited amount of time? This has been the main point of Compendium’s tactic. It is a known fact that an ideal blog post revolves around digestible paragraphs and concise wording.

If you couple these together with a length of post, you will find out that it would fit well into the 250-300 words range. The main reason is that this length gives the audience enough time to read everything. It doesn’t take much of their personal time at all. You should understand that people are in a rush when they go online because they want information as soon as possible.

If you write short, but digestible paragraphs, you will find out that this blogging system dynamics will benefit in the long run. Take an initiative and make their lives easier by giving them content that means a lot to them they can get in no time. If you learn how to do so with effective writing, you can surely grab the attention and garner a frequent consumer base.

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