The Rules of Effective Content Creation

by Jenny on February 22, 2013

Content creation should follow specific rules to make it to the big leagues. Here are some tips to take into consideration to make sure it gets there:

  • Keep it simple: Your content should not contain long, technical words that are difficult to understand. It should also not be overly formal, but friendly and useful. The simplicity and expertise expressed in the article should compel readers to bookmark, share or comment on it.
  • Keep it short: Most online visitors only spend a few second on a website and some only long enough to read something very short. Your reader should not have to open your article and immediately think “wow, this is just waaaayyyy too long”. If you decide to hire an online content writer, then make sure that you establish a specific word limit.
  • Keep it relevant: Is your content up-to-date? Does it show that you are ahead of the times? Does it offer a different perspective to a popular topic? These are important questions to ask yourself to ensure that your content is relevant to the reader. The article should appeal to a need that reader has to make it effective.  
  • Keep it fluff-free: Do not string your reader along with sentences that add very little value to the content. Your bounce rate will increase and your reputation will also hang on a fraying wire. Some freelance blog writers use fluff as a strategy to meet the word count. This is clearly not only expensive, but also ineffective at building confidence in your brand.
  • Keep the keyword density low: Do not use a high keyword density with the hope that the more you repeat the keyword, the more likely you are to get your article indexed. The writing should be natural and misspelled keywords or their confusing variations should be avoided.

Your survival online and just how profitable you become depend on how others are responding to your information. You will never get a second chance to make a good impression, so always ensure that your content is consistently impressive by following the tips above.


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