The Three P’s of Writing Blog Posts

by Jenny on May 7, 2013

Writing blog posts does not have to be like putting a jig-saw puzzle together if you know what you are doing. Oftentimes, many people go about this the wrong way, only to find that they missed out on various opportunities to build their online brand. While some degree of dedication is needed to be a successful blogger or even hire the best article writers, effective writing revolves around these three P’s.

  • Plan: Do you have a schedule for your posts and if so is it arranged according to the topics you want to introduce to your readers? Some companies and even independent bloggers will admit that they do not have a plan in place when they decide to create a blog post. They fail to look on the history of their posts to see what they already shared with their readers. As a result, they share the same re-written message in a different context. By creating a plan, you make your reader look forward to seeing what your next post will be.
  • Prepare: What will your posts contain?  Will you use bullet points and headings to make it easier to follow through? Or will you just write a long epistle that is difficult to understand and follow? You need to prepare your posts so that they not only reach an audience, but that they reach the right audience and generate results in the process. Just about anyone can write something, but only those that believe in serious web content writing services will get results.
  • Post: Let the world know you have something to share! Posting should not be just on your website, but on any platform that is willing to get your message across. Too often businesses and even individuals create blog posts only to choose their websites and the start and finish of each one. You must go beyond your website if you genuinely want to gain traction online.

Blogging should not be intimidating. You can reach your audience with the right message by following the basic principle behind the three P’s mentioned above.

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