The Updated Farmer Algortihm from Google

by Jenny on March 11, 2011

The Updated Farmer Algortihm from GoogleIn an effort to improve search results, Google tweaked its algorithm, ridding low quality content that’s redundant and useless from their results. To show how effective this was, the change was measured by the SISTRIX VisibilityIndex. Sistrix used a million keywords to determine a “before” and “after” analysis that can give you a fair idea of which sites were affected based on keywords, ranking and click-through rate.

Here are the top 10 sites most affected by the new algorithm based on the Visibility Index:

Domain Visibility Index Loss SISTRIX (percentage loss) 93.3622 -77% 58.4273 -90% 50.755 -94% 47.7632 -87% 39.5044 -74% 37.6418 -66% 36.7005 -85% 35.7198 -93% 27.2522 -90% 23.4146 -91%

Based on the keyword rankings lost, here are the top 10 losing sites:

Domain Positions Lost % Loss 162,917 75% 141,469 79% 130,231 71% 102,820 67% 62,049 72% 58,666 63% 52,084 70% 50,909 62% 44,621 69% 41,260 61%

Yet despite all of these changes, Compendium’s blog writing software and its keyword suggestions are in line with Google’s vision and preference over quality original content. Compendium‘s CTO Blake Matheny remarked that, “…a lot of the sites that got hit hard were re-purposing content from elsewhere in order to have their content appear longer or more substantial, which can be an issue.”

Partnered with our professional blog writing services, your company blog can begin to index well with the new Google algorithm. To find out more about our blog content writing services, feel free to contact us today.

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