Tips for Competitor Analysis When Creating Web Content

by Jenny on February 28, 2013

Knowing what your competitors are using to their advantage is crucial to survive online. This is especially true when you are offering the same service as they do without any type of differential. A competitor analysis is a technique that can be used to assess the strong and weak points of your competitor with the aim of ethically using them to your advantage. Tops ways to perform a competitor analysis when creating web content include:

Google Keyword Tool: This tool allows you to see the keywords that are appearing on a web page. This information can be used for SEO content writing to target the same keywords as your competitor and additional ones to get a leading advantage. You can look at the competition for the keywords and also the number of monthly searches to determine if the keywords that appear are worth pursuing. This information can also be used in PPC marketing if you intend to use this as a marketing method for your products.

Content layout: How is your competitor presenting content to readers: Do they use bullet points and heading or is it just a long epistle? If they are selling products that are similar to yours what is the information they are presenting? It is important to cover these points so that you know what direction to take if you decide to outsource content writing.    

You can only stay ahead of your competitor if you know how to do so. Competitor analysis is important when writing content to ensure that you are covering all the possible gaps that can be used against your website.

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