Tips to Avoid Poor Content Creation That Causes Sluggish Online Sales

by Jenny on May 27, 2013

It’s a webmaster’s nightmare: sluggish sales that show a very discouraging return on investment. But very often this is the online reality that closes the doors of many websites before they even establish their online brand. The reason for the slow sales is usually tied up in the type of content creation they have:  content that is not client-centric will fail to generate sales. This is easily seen even in SEO content writing and even product descriptions that have all the relevant details of a particular product.  Without the right sentence structure and approach, your online content can be your biggest enemy and even more so than your chief competitor. But what should you do to avoid being your own online enemy? Here are some tips:

  1. Don’t Copy What Your Competitors are Doing: Don’t get caught up thinking that you can outdo your competitor by rephrasing the content they have. While you may make it though the search engines, you won’t go undetected with online readers. Your content should be written for your specific brand and website even if you have competitors that sell similar products.
  2. Too much information is no information:  Isolate the key points you want to present to your online readers and build on them. Don’t get carried away with excess information as too many details will hide key points. Keep your articles short and easy to understand so that the average person can read and understand them.
  3. Social Media is Your Friend: Don’t shy away from social media. Ensure that popular platforms are featured on your websites so that visitors can easily share your content. Website content writers that are also bloggers can easily guide you through the process by connecting the dots of your content and the online demand.

You should not be your own online enemy. By taking the time to assess the content you have, you can easily avoid falling into this trap.

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