Tips to Draw Traffic to Your Business Blog

by Jenny on October 4, 2012

While you might have incredible content on your blog, sometimes it is hard to get people to your site! Here are few tips that can help you draw traffic to your business blog.

  • SEO optimized title – you should always have a keyword strategy when you post anything – if you include a keyword in your title, preferably towards the beginning of your blog post title, it has more of a chance ot be indexed by Google for that keyword. Having an SEO optimized title also helps when you push it out to your social media networks.
  • Push it out to your Facebook page – many blog programs like Compendium allow you to push out content to your Facebook page automatically.
  • Push it out to your Google+ page – if you don't have a Google+ page for your business, then you are missing the boat.  Google+ is a Google product, therefore it's a wise decision to post on it because Google will take it into acount.
  • Push it out to your Twitter page – Twitter's domain has more of an authority than your domain does, so if you use your SEO title and a link back to the post, it just ups your chances of being found!
  • Pin it on Pinterest – Do you have a Pinterest account? The be sure to post your post on there with a link back to the blog post.
  • Include a link in your monthly newsletter – A great way to get more interest in a blog post is to include it in your monthly newsletter.  This is also a great way to recycle old content and bring it back to life.

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