To Tweet or Not to Tweet

by Jenny on October 1, 2010

To Tweet or Not to TweetMarketing your product or service nowadays is more than having a website to climb search engine rankings, creating blog posts to link back to your ‘money site’ and to submit articles to the various directories. Nearly everybody in the Internet world that needs additional marketing strategies use Twitter to send out their messages.

Yet, millions of people who send out their tweets in an attempt to get more income fail to do so. What is considered as an effective marketing tool has to be used wisely. Spam-like tweets might irritate your followers and those are not well written might not deliver the results that you want.

Still, it all goes down to the basic. The target market that you have even if you have a lot of followers is limited. The people who will search for your specific keywords will still use search engines and the number of people that you reach depended on your niche but will surely be able to get you more potential clients than Twitter.

Many people are not aware that Twitter can help make a site climb up search engine result rankings as it can be used for keywords leads. Another way that Twitter may be used it to find out what people are tweeting about with regards to your product or service. Information like this is invaluable and can help you tweak your present marketing strategy so that it becomes more effective.

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