Topmost SEO Tips for Blogging and Business

by Jenny on November 21, 2012

With increasing search for web content online, the demand for freelance content writers has increased significantly. Internet users come looking for information about various subjects, news and products.

All online shoppers expect to find information about the products they aspire to buy online or find out more about online. So many business persons have created business blogs to endorse their products. However, only SEO optimized content finds its way to various search engines.

  1. Title – Creating a catchy and appropriate title for all blog posts is extrememly important to get people interested in your post when it appears in a Google search result. All online shoppers decide to click on a link if they find the title of the description interesting, beneficial to them or most importantly, applicable to what they searched for.
  2. Body of the Post – The next most important thing to remember is to write content to the point. If an online shoppers open your link and they find the content on your blog irrelevant, then they might just skip ahead to the next link. It is highly unlikely that they will stick around and read further to find content relevant to them.
  3. Keywords – It is crucially important to have a keyword strategy and that strategy should not only be used in #1 and #2 listed here, but also in other parts of your website.  Freelance writer blog always include relevant keywords so that their blog posts receive better ranking to people looking for applicable solutions.

For example, let's say that you are a frozen pizza dough manufacturer who targets small restaurants to buy your product.  Using the keyword, "pizza" as one of your main keywords would be silly because there are thousands of people that search for pizza related items and these people don't own small restaurants.  In other words, you want to use highly targeted keyword phrases to help the traffic looking for you find you.  In other words, if you used a keyword like, "wholesale pizza dough" more than likely, you will acquire potential customers searching for exactly that.

Another example – let's say you own a high end menswear store in Kansas City.  And one of the brands of denim that you sell is Agave.  Having "Agave" as one of your keywords is not going to get you anywhere quickly.  Agave is too popular of a brand to ever get on the front page of Google using it on your blog.  However, "Agave Denim Kansas City" would be a perfect keyword.  And if you are a geo-located business (in other words, you have a retail location and don't sell online), then you will always want to have your city's name or surrounding city's names in your keyword phrases.  For example, a high end menswear store in Kansas City might also want to target, "Agave Denim Overland Park" because Overland Park is a large city that makes up the Greater Kansas City area.

There is more that goes into your keyword strategy and our blog writing – but that gives you an idea without boring you to death!  Contact Business Blog Writers to learn more and get started.


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