Tops Ways to Promote Social Sharing With Blog Writing

by Jenny on April 22, 2013

Social sharing is taking content from the unknown zones and putting it before a wide audience that in turn pushes it forward on other platforms. This form of content promotion is free with many people taking pleasure to share content they like or put it before a pool of commentators for more feedback. When the right types of parameters are in place, social sharing can make your blog writing efforts worth the costs and time. But it requires more than just words on web pages to get your content before the mass and generate leads in the process. Here are some ways you can promote social sharing on your website or blog:

  • Install social media icons: People can only share content if they have the right tools to do so. Installing Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and Linkedin icons on your website and ensuring that all content can be promoted through these platforms, is the first step to encourage social sharing online.
  • Get active on platforms: Show the world that you can back what you write in your articles on social media platforms. You can hire a professional blogger to take the reins if you do not have the time to participate on all of the aforementioned platforms.

The next step after following the two steps above is to observe the social signals you are getting from your content. These can include the number of times your content was re-tweeted on Twitter, Shared on Facebook or commented on on Linkedin. High social signals show that your content matters to people. Low signals on the other hand may indicate low quality content or incorrect use of Keywords in SEO article writing.


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