Uncle Milton’s Toys Could Outsource Content Writing To Increase Social Media Efforts

by Jenny on August 26, 2011

Educational and fun is a combination that companies have been striving for for many years, but Uncle Milton has managed to combine the elements necessary to keep children of all ages entertained in a way in which they may also learn. 

If your child, your class, or even you are interested in learning about nature, but are not yet ready to face real nature up close then explore with Uncle Milton’s toys, games, and creatures.

Learn about ants with Ant Farm Gel Colonies, Giant Ant Farms, or Ant Farm Revolution.  GoUncle Milton Bug Jug back in time to discover dinosaurs with Dino Poop that can be explored to learn about dino diets or a Smoky Volcano.  Get back to nature with the Bug Jug or Ladybug playground for easy viewing of those creatures found around your own backyard.  Regardless of what type of Science related interest you and your child have, this site can provide a hands on way to learn and explore.

One of the ways that Uncle Milton’s could connect even more with their customers is by having an online community with their blog. They could feature new specials, and even ask for customers to submit stories about their Uncle Milton inspired activities. In exchange for providing their customer experiences, Uncle Milton could offer some sort of coupon as a thank you to their customers that entered or discounts to educators that may utilize the site.  They could even run a givewaway to those that submitted stories or feedback. Freelance content writers could provide freelance content to really help the blog grow in popularity as well.

Being able to outsource content writing is simple and one can hire the best blog writers to create professional content. It’s a proven marketing tool and you can learn more about blogging for your business by contacting us.

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