Understanding a Content Marketing Platform

by Jenny on September 29, 2014

On a regular basis, consumers are bombarded with a wealth of information. This information can come from anywhere – from Facebook to the Wall Street Journal to the local grocer down the block. The goal of a content marketing platform is to integrate all of these outlets so that the information comes in through a single channel instead of assaulting you from every direction. An example of this would be a platform which allows you to post to Facebook and Twitter at the same time while sending an email to your boss. Sounds a bit futuristic, huh?
Content marketing platforms have become increasingly important. So what is it you should think about or look for in one?
  1. The perfect content marketing platform should allow you to rid yourself of the need for notebooks, pens, folders, etc. because it will contain everything within it.
  2. If you’re using one of these platforms to allow others to post writing, you’ll want to allow some flexibility in the content. You’ll also want to make sure you have a sufficient number of editors so that content quality doesn’t suffer.
  3. The content marketing platform should fully and smoothly integrate all the platforms you need in to one. This also requires conversion from platform to platform, e.g. being able to access it via email vs. being able to access it via search.
The best platform is the one that measures results. If you can’t tell that traffic has increased, workflow has improved, and transition is seamless… how can you know your content marketing platform is worthwhile?
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