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by Jenny on November 19, 2010

Before building a website, whether you plan to own a single site or are trying to run multiple sites in an effort to get to corner a certain niche, you must be aware of the things to do that the Google Webmaster recommends. There are ways to go about establishing the foundation for a successful website and if you integrate these key elements, the chances that your site will generate the income you desire will increase.

One of the first things that you should do is research the competition. You might overwhelmed by the number of competitors in a certain niche and maybe would like to battle it out in a smaller niche for a specific keyword/keyphrase search. Then a careful study of your domain name is important so that it will be easily remembered. If possible, use a keyword in your domain name.

There are many webmasters that have one main site which is often called the ‘money site’ and build a lot of smaller sites to link back to the money site. This is an excellent Internet marketing tactic to use because by spreading out sites, you will be able to capture a larger audience. When you have several domains that focus on one topic, each domain should have unique and compelling content to be able to bring your target market to your money site.

It is difficult to maintain multiple sites and keep it updated with fresh content and to ensure the success of your project, you might have to hire professional writers to help you with content creation. To find out more details about our writing services, you may ask for a free quote.

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