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by Jenny on December 2, 2010

The great thing about blog posts is that you can use just about any relevant content for your blog post.  Here’s an e-mail I sent to a potential client a few days ago when she requested an online quote from us – and is example that you can use anything for a blog post.

“If you are trying to grow your business online, then I would highly suggest getting a Compendium blog.
Compendium is a blogging system that will get you to the top of Google – when you have consisent content creation.
20 blog posts/month is not a lot – most SEO people recommend at least a post/day.  It is excessive sounding when it is part of your website, as yours is – but if it is on a subdomain and acts more as “billboard” to get people to buy your clothing, then you might find you want more than 30 posts/month.
For example, we write for a company that makes a slate looking roof tile that is made out of a polymer.  In other words, it’s a plastic slate roof.  But they don’t want to use “plastic slate roof” on their website because it sounds cheap and it isn’t the “brand image” they are trying to create for their company.  However, they have found with keyword research through Compendium, that’s what people search for to find them – so it’s a keyword that is used over and over again in their blog.
They used to use PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, but were able to get 9 times the traffic from their Compendium blog and well, with a blog they have the content forever whereas with PPC advertising, they spend the money and then it’s gone.
So with your company, for example, people might be searching “Horse Clothing” (this is a total guess) and of course, you wouldn’t use that because sounds like clothing for horses – not what an Equestrian would wear – but people are so different when it comes to how they search on Google and how a phrase sounds to them.
Also, someone might see your clothes at a show, for example, and months later not remember your company name, but they might remember “Equestrian Clothes” or something like that – so they go to Google to do a search and see what comes up and to see if any of those results trigger your company name that they’re looking for but cannot remember exactly.
So a system like Compendium is setup specifically with your business and online call-to-action goals in mind.
It’s not an inexpensive endeavor – on the low end Compendium costs $7K/year and it’s recommended to have about 50 posts/month to get that boost you need in the first 3 months of blogging – but the neat thing is that it can be integrated with your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
If you’re not totally turned off by the price, I suggest getting in touch with Brian Millis at Compendium and seeing a demo of the product:

Brian Millis
Phone: 317-777-6254

While you’re website is gorgeous and well presented – it is not yielding the Google results you need/want.  And frankly, websites can rarely do that anymore without a blog because there are too many websites out there now.


Please feel free to contact us.  If you would like to get blogging but not sure where to get the content, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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