Ways to Spruce Up Your Blog

by Jenny on August 11, 2010

Business blog writers are always looking for a way to spruce up your business blog and keep it fresh. Your blog can tend to get boring or lose views if it is not updated and just sits there. You will always want to find ways to keep the readers attention and keep Jumping Girlthem coming back. The best blogging tool is on the web, and can give you tips on how to keep your blog updated and new. They may require a plug in.

When company blogging, adding photos will keep viewers interested and catch their eye more quickly than a blog with no photos or images. People can see what you are expressing in your blog through photos also. Most people are better visual learners and would prefer photos over text. 

Change the Topic
You can talk about what the search engines tell you to, but it is better to go off the subject at times. Talk about your business and how you enjoy your life as a business owner. Talk about any changes and future plans you want to make and how your favorite customers are when they come in the store. Express whatever may be on your mind about your business. Think outside the box! The readers will not expect this, yet they will love it.

Keep Your Keywords Fresh
Perhaps you are not seeing the amount of page visits you would like. Is your page easy to find using the keywords you currently have? It is a good idea to change your keywords. The keyword search helps readers find your blog and site quicker.

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