We Want to Blog for Solvit Products!

by Jenny on January 6, 2010

Solvit Products LogoWe love the pet products that Solvit Products has come up with.   As you might have guessed based on their name, Solvit Products provides pet products with solutions.  In fact, they have a full range of pet products including:

Solvit Net Pet Barrier #62289

Solvit Net Pet Barrier #62289

Although Solvit Products has some great products, their website isn’t set up for Search Engine success.  There are no keywords in the HTML code and many of the page titles are not search engine friendly, nor are the permalinks.  So if Solvit Products would come on board with a company like Compendium, then they would have a tremendous amount of success with the keyword optimization that a company like Compendium offers.  That is, after all, why we like to use a company like Compendium – there is no guessing about keywords and optimization.  As long as you write great content consistently, your blog will always have success.

While a blog would help Solvit Products’ overall presence on the web, certainly a blog would also help with sales, leads and feedback from customers.

Our Ideas for Solvit Products’ Blog:

  • Featured Product – perhaps every week or each month we can have a featured product.  We could ask customers to submit their ideas.  We would also go to YouTube and find any videos of Solvit Products and ask folks to submit their videos for the featured product of the week.
  • Run a Contest – a customer or future customer could show their animal’s issue or problem and how Solvit SOLVED the problem.  If they do this through pictures and an explanation or through a venue you like YouTube, they all can be featured and shared on the blog.
  • Since Solvit Products only sells through retailers, we could feature retailers that were selling a lot of the Solvit Products – as a thank you to them – and therefore link Solvit Products and the Retailer name for the search engines.
  • Ask readers for their favorite Solvit Products submissions.
  • Ask readers what their issues are with their pets and what products they are looking for to help their animals.
  • Find what other bloggers or websites are saying about Solvit Products and report back.
Solvit Products Deluxe XL Telescoping Pet Ramp #62320

Solvit Deluxe XL Telescoping Pet Ramp #62320

These ideas are just a few that we have for the Solvit Products‘ blog.  We would love the opportunity to discuss the blog with them more in detail.

We do hope that Solvit Products will contact us to quote a blog for them.  We also are interested in learning about any businesses you think would benefit from blogging.  Please post a comment below to suggest a company or please contact Business Blog Writers.

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