We Want to Write for Litter Lifter!

by Jenny on December 19, 2009

Posted by Jenny Dean

I would like to bring Litter Lifter on board to blog with us.  They make an amazing product, the Litter Lifter.  In an effort to gain their business, we decided to write a blog about them to show them what we are capable of as business blog writers

No one would think that there was much to a litter scoop, but believe me, there is!

I have three litter boxes in my home for my two cats.  In fact, some vets suggest that you have a box/cat/floor.  So in my case, a vet would suggest 6 litter boxes!  Of course, we have to be practical, so I only have three and some folks with two cats only have one.

No matter the amount of litter boxes you have, you need to keep them clean as no cat enjoys stepping into a dirty litter box, much like we do not like using portable toilets.


Cleaning the litter box.  Whether you use clumping or other litter, cleaning the litter box can be a pain.  If you use clay litter it can cause a lot of dust and other particles flying through the air – while you hold your breath to avoid inhaling everything.


Litter LifterThe Litter LifterWho knew a quality, well-thought out scoop would come to the rescue?  In fact, Litter Lifter tag line is “Don’t Scoop Up Clean Litter – LIFT Out Waste” and that’s no exaggeration! 

Their scoop has peaked blades that allow the litter to quickly sift through the blades.  This fantastic feature allows you to scoop faster and easier without multiple passes through the litter box to get all the waste. 

The Litter Lifter is big too!   So it is quicker and easier to scoop your litter box.  The Litter Lifter allows you to keep your existing litter boxes while scooping them more efficiently. 

To order a Litter Lifter, please visit their website and choose from a multitude of colors:

Litter Lifter Colors
As Business Blog Writers, we love to write for products that we believe in and that we believe will be a hit.  If you have a product that you think we’ll love, please contact us for details about us writing for your blog!
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