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by Jenny on April 9, 2010

What makes a good web blog article writer and what are the qualities that you must look for, while finding blog article writers?

  • Grab attention – A good optimized blog article writer will be able to grab attention with intelligent use of keywords and phrases.
  • Reader’s interest – The article must be able to hold the attention of the reader all the way.
  • Grammar and content – A good writer will seldom make spelling mistakes and grammar errors.
  • Expert opinion – Expert knowledge about the subject or topic they choose to write will help in driving blog traffic to your blog.
  • Attitude – Positive outlook towards the writing assignment is a necessity as a bored writer would only end up producing bad content, which will only drive web traffic away from the blog.
  • Research – Good writers are experts in research and will know the latest happening in the industry which will help them write in a competent manner.
  • Pricing – Excellent web content work is always priced higher. Writers who promise to write at cheap prices end up producing work that is normally copied, is not checked for grammar and have plenty of typo errors.
  • Samples – If you are undecided about the quality of writing, you can always insist on samples of articles previously written by them. This will help you learn their writing style and make your decision about hiring them easy.

A good quality writer will add value to your business, by promoting your brand and product.  Let us write for you!

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