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Websites are typically divided into three categories: personal use, business use, and informative websites made up of thousands of different articles pertaining to millions of different topics. Any website that’s used for anything other than personal use needs professional web content writers, as business owners are too busy running their business to create content; and informative websites simply have too much information for any one person to write. But how does online writing differ from print?

Online content writing actually isn’t that different at all from writing you’d find in a newspaper, magazine, or other print material. Web content still needs to be interesting, informative, and helpful to any reader that happens upon it. It also needs a creative edge that will keep readers interested in that content and want to continue reading – not just what’s on that page, but other pages too. But with all these similarities, there are some differences that content writers need to apply to their writing that print writers wouldn’t.

One of the biggest differences is the implementation of SEO tactics and efforts. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a process that uses keywords and links within writing to become more visible to the search engines. Once the search engines pick up these keywords and links, they’ll rank your page higher in their search results and so, more users will visit your page. Knowing how to use SEO properly is a skill, and any writer you’re considering for your website must possess it.

The format of online writing is also a little different from what you’d find in print. Because there are millions of different websites online that are accessed by millions of different users, web content needs to be kept short and concise. This means getting the point across right away, and keeping paragraphs shorter so that readers can skim through them at a glance. Online users today simply don’t have the patience to read through long pages of text, especially when they know there’s another website just a click away that will give them the information they need in a quicker and more concise manner.

Online readers are also weary of anything that’s overly promotional or seems to be selling to them from every angle. There are simply too many businesses online today with too many websites. Users want to know that they’ll be able to visit a site to get valuable information, with no over-selling involved; and so content needs to be as informative as possible, without being too “pushy” or overtly promoting any one business.

At Business Blog Writers we know how to write content that is informative, creative, and that will also promote your site or products without being too pushy. We have an entire team, with each writer having years of experience, and that know how to deliver the content you, your readers, and the search engines are looking for. Don’t settle for boring or overly promotional copy for another minute. Contact us today and find out what real content writing should be!

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