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Do you have website or blog for your business? Are you too busy running your business to write content for that site, and so you’re content to just copy and paste from other sites, or use standard product descriptions and boring content that you quickly whipped up? And do you forget about updating your site altogether, because you simply don’t have the time to write something fresh and new? Then you need a web content writing service, but you also need to be careful about who you hire for the job.

When looking for professional content writers there are typically two different routes you can take. You can go it alone and search the web by entering keywords into search engines such as “content writers,” “blog writers,” “article writers,” and anything else you can think of that you need. Or you could turn to a large freelancing site designed specifically to connect writers with those that need content on their site. This latter option though is often fraught with thousands to millions of writers, each trying to best the writer before or after them. It’s for this reason specifically that large freelancing sites are often not the way to go.

This is because on these freelancing sites, writers tend to get too caught up in trying to be better than other writers on that site. You will submit the project you need, such as “10 blog posts needed every week,” and different writers will submit different bids for that project. The bids will include the amount to be charged for that project, as well as the timeframe in which it will be done. Unfortunately, many writers on these sites get so caught up in besting each other that they’ll forget about the actual client, and the actual project. The biggest problem you’ll find is that they’ll give unrealistic turnaround times, just to be able to get the job. This will result in either work that’s handed in late, or poorly written copy that’s been completed just to get the job done in an extremely short period of time.

The other problem you’ll run into on freelancing sites is that these writers are often not professionals. They’re students looking for part-time work in the summer, or individuals that are currently unemployed and just need to make some quick cash before heading back to their “real job” once they find one. It takes next to nothing to register on one of these sites as a writer, and you won’t know whether you’re getting a professional or not. If not, you’ll find out too late after you receive unprofessional copy.

Searching the web on your own will give you a list of professionals that have the experience you need to write the copy that you want. They’ll have their own websites because they’re a real business, and they won’t be competing with anyone else so they’ll be realistic about what they can do and the timeframe they can do it in. But scouring the web takes a lot of time, and you probably don’t have a lot of it to spare.

Now that you’re already here at Business Blog Writers though, you’ve found what you need! We are a team of experienced writers that work with each other, and never compete. We can provide you with fast, realistic timeframes in which work can be done, and you’ll receive the unique, interesting and professionally-written copy you’re looking for. Don’t waste another second on search engines or freelancing sites. Contact us today for samples and to see just how we can help you with your project.

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