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by Jenny on October 14, 2010

Web Writing Content CreationWhen you write for the web, it is not the same as any printed work. The difference lies in the content creation because reading from a computer screen is quite more difficult than reading things that are on paper. No matter how excellent a computer monitor is, there is fuzz especially when you compare it to a normal book page. It requires extra effort to read from the computer as the eyes have to adjust to the width of the screen.

To overcome this, new computer monitors have been developed to make it much easier to read and reading software aids are available. The Arial and Tahoma fonts are the most popular to use for blog posts as these help make the web writing appear much more pleasant. It’s just like having watching TV less than a foot away from your face and that is why certain adjustments have to be made to web pages. These are a few of the factors that make content creation more challenging.

Even videos like those in YouTube and pictures have to be made smaller to be ‘web-friendly’. What the Internet audience will read is quality content from which they can derive the most information. Writing for the web has to have specialized content creation in which the keywords and keyphrases are integrated into the article as these are a couple of the things that people look for while reading. If you are interested in hiring a blog writer for content creation, please ask for a free quote.

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