We’d Like to Write for Eco-Fasten Solar

by Jenny on January 14, 2010

Eco-Fasten-SolarYesterday, we wrote about Alpine Snowguards, a company that makes snowguards in Vermont.

The genius behind Alpine Snowguards, Brian Stearns, has found yet another solution for our roofing needs, EcoFasten Solar.  EcoFasten is a roof mounting system for solar panels and other items that you  might have installed on your roof.  Whether you need to attach racks, PV, satelite dishes, signs, stove pipes or anything else and don’t want to compromise the look of the roof, then EcoFasten is the way to go.

Ideas for Topics for the EcoFasten Solar Blog:

  • What was the reason for EcoFasten Solar?
  • Why are solar panels that SIT on the roof bad?  Why should they be screwed down?
  • What is the danger in having cinder blocks hold a solar panel in place?
  • FAQ Technical
  • FAQ in General
  • Why is it important that EcoFasten is water tight?
  • What makes it secure?
  • What makes it versatile?

We have no doubt that a blog would be very valuable for EcoFasten Solar.  It is a new product line and needs the attention that a new product line deserves.  Many folks don’t even know the danger of not having items on top of their roofs properly secured.  Nor do they understand the importance of a watertight seal so that there is no risk of freeze/thaw and other problems.  A blog would help to clear the air about these issues and would also bring in leads from folks that have had these issues!

Interested in EcoFasten Solar?  Please feel free to contact them:

289 Harrel Street
Morrisville, VT 05661

Toll Free: 877-859-3947
Toll Free Fax: 888-766-9994

Email: info@ecofastensolar.com

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