What a Blog Can Do For Your Business

by Jenny on May 1, 2013

A blog is an online platform that allows your business to showcase its strengths and expertise to clients and potential clients. While the concept of blogging and business is not new in many professional circles, some companies continue to lag behind where blogging is concerned. They fail to see the connection between the two and unfortunately do not have a solid social media footprint that can withstand competition. Furthermore, they are unable to have a foothold in any market because they fail to prompt confidence in clients.

There are many metrics that can be established to evaluate just how effective blogging is to any business. These metrics should be carefully understood and used to measure how an online content writer has created an impact through blog posts. Bounce rate, number of comments, number of shares and likes, and also re-tweets are some of the metrics that can be used to measure a blog post’s effectiveness. The results from these metrics will serve as an indicator to the business to highlight strength areas and possible changes that must be made to have a stronger online foothold.

Another important point to note is that blogging is a low-cost alternative to costly PPC campaigns, banner ads and text ads.  Start-ups that are working with a low budget do not have to feel short changed because they are working with a small budget. The organic traffic a blog generates can transform potential clients if the right call-to-action methods are used. A professional blog content writer will not only focus on the content, but also on the SEO to ensure that the visitors are relevant to the context of the business blog.

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