What Actually Is A Blog?

by Jenny on June 9, 2010

Weblogs started in late 1990s. In layman’s terms, a blog is an online type of a journal or a form of a diary in which the author or a blogger wishes to expose and share publicly. Shortened and called as a “blog”, a blog is a website where the bloggers’ opinions and thoughts are being constantly updated and recorded through an activity commonly called as the blogging. Internet users who do not have a blog but who are replying and responding to the blogger’s opinions and thoughts online are also considered to be blogging.

Anyone can do blogging. In fact, no age is required since this is an informal activity where everything is free flow and there are no limitations as to the subject of the blog. If you are sharing the most recent topics which are interesting to the online viewers, and presentation is good and attractive, chances are your blog will be popular and may even invite advertisers and you can make money online out from it. Today, this is not just done by individuals, but there is also what is known as company blogging.

There are now corporate weblogs proliferating the Internet. Since there is no formality to blogging, companies find this beneficial to have a different repor with their customers and potential customers.  Blogs create a coffee shop atmosphere that is a little more chatty in nature. Communication about the company and employees are enhanced through this kind of activity also. Corporate weblog can create an online community as well.

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