What Are Small Business Web Site Metrics and Why Are They Important?

by Jenny on August 23, 2012

Anyone who has ever driven a car knows what a dashboard is.  Less familiar is the "dashboard" used to analyze the effectiveness of your e-commerce site.  So, what are small business website metrics and why are they important? 

We previously examined the top five analytics, as published under the "Small Business Tip of the Day" feature by Manta.com.   Here are the remaining two, outlined by author Louie Conceicao.  

  • Landing Pages:  This metric tells on which page your visitors landed when they accessed your website.  Conceicao adds, "when you select a "secondary dimension" like source, keyword, location, etc. this report starts to become extremely useful".  
  • In-Page Analytics: The dashboard comes alive with a visual display of how the website is performing.  How did visitors get to your website, which links are being clicked-on, how many visitors bounced, etc.

Let's talk about bounce.  You don't want it. The primary means of avoiding it is by creating web content that keeps visitors engaged.  No more than 300 to 350 words per page, written in conversational style for individuals, not search engines.

However, in order to maximize the number of visitors, your website must employ digital content creation utilizing SEO product descriptions and social media optimization (SMO).  Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Pinterest, Technorati and other SMO powerhouses underscore the need for linkage to your web site, while employing keywords in search engine optimization is also critically important to increasing your website's ranking, traffic, etc.

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