What Are The Best Practices For Your Corporate Weblog?

by Jenny on August 3, 2010

business blog writersCorporate Weblogs are a perfect way for companies to start interacting with their customers. It also gives your business blog writers the opportunity to understand social media better. For those who are looking to improve their existing blog or start a new blog, there are a few corporate blogging tips that are resourceful in helping your blog outshine the others.

Establish Strategies – business blogs need to have a strategy to start. If there is no marketing plan in effect or at least a targeted list of customers, your blog will pretty much be useless. Your blog should target an audience even if it is just to increase sales or build your brand.

Find a Voice – give your blog personality. It does not need to sound like a committee wrote it. You want your blog to sound informal. The blog does not need to sound complex, but rather sound just as you would speak to your target audience.
Have Informative Content – create content that is compelling and relevant to the audience you are trying to reach out to. Make your blog about industry topics and hold interviews with other industry leaders. When your readers see your blog you want them to not only read it, but to keep returning.

Post Regularly – this is an issue that a lot of bloggers struggle with. Update content on a regular basis, even if it is weekly. If you post every week, have the next week’s blog written out in advance so you will only have to post it online. 

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