What Everybody Ought to Know About How News Organizations Depend on Blogging and What It Means for Business

by Jenny on September 5, 2012

In October, 2011, I attended an employee meeting hosted by the Chief Executive Officer of one of America's largest media corporations.  In it, the CEO stated that the company's business model could be better served by allowing listeners to obtain the bulk of their information via the Internet. The CEO in question presides over most of America's biggest, most powerful and most highly-rated News-Talk radio stations.  I guess the Internet has won.  Be that as it may, here's a short course in what everybody ought to know about how news organizations depend on blogging and what it means for business.

Blogging is a hybrid term derived from the words web and logging.  Vlogs are similarly derived, a hybrid for video logs.  Podcasts are a form of Internet "narrow casting" of audio and video material, as opposed to traditional terrestrial broadcasting.  These distinctions are important because news organizations have come to rely heavily on their webmasters and webmistresses to disseminate information that once might have been disseminated only through formal media channels.

Blogging began in earnest in 2004.  The blogosphere has been like a house on fire ever since.  Internet search engines, magazines,e-zines, company websites, e-commerce and infotainment sites, print media, broadcast and cable media all employ the best blog writers.  Digital content creation is a multi-billion dollar a year business, employing countless freelance blog writers, in addition to those employed by businesses, large and small.  

Blogging can help your business become front page news.  Visit Business Blog Writers to find out how.      

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