What is a Blog and Why Are They So Popular?

by Jenny on July 14, 2014

What is a Blog and Why Are They So Popular?

The word, “blog”, originally came from “weblog”, and eventually got shortened to “blog”.  When blogs first came out people used them mostly as online diary entries or journal type entries for their families and friends.

However, blogs have evolved since then.  Fundamentally, a blog is a website.

The differences between a blog and a regular website:

  1. Blogs have articles that are listed chronologically, with the newest article appearing at the top.
    1. This stems from blogs original roots, where they were used as diary entries and therefore articles appear chronologically.
    2. Blogs usually (or should) stick to a theme.  So if your business sells widgets, then your blog will cover, for example, why widgets are important, how widgets are used, where you can buy your widget, what the widget is, and so forth and so on.
  2. Frequent Content
    1. If a blog is done properly, it will have frequent and constant content.
    2. So let’s say that your corporate site might be updated 3-4 times a year, a blog is updated on a weekly, if not daily basis.  As a result, search engines are more inclined to spider your site more often, as the frequent content is very attractive to search engines.  Why?  Search engines piece of the pie is to provide their searchers with the most relevant search results based on that searcher’s initial inquiry.  Sites (or blogs) that have frequent and relevant information are attractive to search engines because search engines know that the site or blog is providing the most recent and up-to-date information.  Search engines, like Google, reward blogs or sites that publish worthwhile content on a consistent basis by having those sites appear higher on the search results rankings.
  3. Readers Can Leave Comments
    1. After a blog post, many blogs are set up where readers can leave a comment after the post.  So if they have something they would like to add or a question for the author, they can add those to site.
    2. Blogs, therefore, allow for increased communication between authors and readers.  Comments allow blogs to be more like an online forum or an e-mail list serv where interested readers are interacting and talking about your product!
  4. Blogs are Trusted More Than Websites
    1. Since readers are allowed to communicate directly with the author of a blog, they are more inclined to trust the person and what they are saying.

Blogs are becoming more and more popular because of the two-way communication that they create between the blog’s author or the company and the readers or prospective clients of the company.

Because of a Blog’s search engine rankings, they have become popular with companies as lead generation tools.  Rather than paying for Google’s Pay-per-click advertising, businesses are finding that building content on a blog that sends people to their site is most beneficial.  For it not only works as a lead generation tool, but also the business has something to show for all the money they have spent on that advertising – the great, quality content that is left over after they’ve advertised.  And it is not like that quality content will go away (unless the business removes it from the Internet).  It will always be there providing years of great searches ahead of them.

In order for a blog to become popular and in order for it to attract attention, you’ll need to key ingredients:

  1. Quality Content
    1. If you are not producing quality content on your blog, then more than likely, people are not going to read it.  However, if you consistently produce great quality content, then your readers will be more inclined to read the blog and return to it.  Also it will be found on Google and other popular search engines.
    2. Keywords – keywords play an important role in the quality content of your blog.  As a business, you will want to focus on keywords that bring your blog the most revenue and which keywords are being searched for when a searcher goes to a search engine.
  2. Marketing
    1. As with any business, a blog also needs to be marketed.  As Business Blog Writers, we will do that for you.  As we research articles and other topics for blog entries, we will comment on other blogs.
  3. Feedback
    1. As writers, we will need to do research on the articles and topics that we write about for your business.  As a result, we will stumble upon information or feedback about your business, line of business and/or your products.  As a result, we will be able to provide feedback to your company about the feel for your business in the marketplace and more.  This crucial feedback will be key in helping your blog’s popularity as we will be able to keep a track of articles we should be writing for your industry.
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