What is Business Blogging?

One of the questions we are often asked is, “What is Business Blogging?”  This is a valid question, of course, because the concept of blogging is relatively new.

Back in 2005, BusinessWeek published an article, Blogs Will Change Your Business, which gave great insight into the importance of business blogging if you are trying to capture an online audience.

A blog is merely a website that is often updated – most of the time, blogs are thought of as diaries. And you can think of a blog as a daily diary entry or more often for your company’s product or service.

So, if you are “business blogging” that means that you have a blog that is updated frequently and hopefully with quality content. In other words, you are in an active state of producing blog posts (or someone in your company or on behalf of your company is).

Of course, there is another reason to blog as a business and that is to create or enhance an online community.

Business Blogging works to:

  • capture people that don’t know you exist
  • retain the people that do know you exist
  • create or maintain your company or product’s reputation and presence in the industry


We’ll attempt to offer a more particular explanation of how blogging works.  Let’s look more closely at one of our current clients, DaVinci Roofscapes.

DaVinci makes synthetic slate and shake roof tiles, but their company name doesn’t really spell that out.  Likewise, many people don’t know that synthetic slate and shake roof tiles exist.  So how do you find people that might be looking for their products (but that don’t know they are looking for their products)?  Answer = BLOGGING.

If you are familiar with paying for Google Ads, then you are probably familiar with the concept of keyword phrases.  Keyword phrases help to identify your product.

Returning to the DaVinci example, DaVinci does not use terminology such as ‘plastic slate roof’’ to describe their products because it does not align with DaVinci’s elite branding.  However, people that are looking for products like DaVinci are Googling those very keywords to try and find such a product.  So it would be in DaVinci’s best interest to use those keyword phrases on their website in order to attract Internet searchers to its  site.

Plastic Slate Roof

Because DaVinci has been consistently blogging with that keyword, their blog/website now appears on the first page of Google as the 4th organic search result for that search term/keyword (the 1st 3 results are advertisements – in other words, those companies have paid to appear in the first 3 listings when someone searches for that term.

Sure, DaVinci could “pay for” Google ads and appear in slots 1-3, but once those ads ran they would be gone forever – whereas their blog posts continue to build on one another, creating an Internet presence/history for their company as well as for their website’s domain authority.

Of course, many companies opt to utilize both blogging and PPC (pay-per-click) advertising to increase its likelihood of being found.  However, the return on your investment is far greater using blogging vs. PPC.  Why?  Because once the content is on your site – it never goes away – it is forever there building on top of the content you already have making your money go further when it is invested into blogging.


You may be thinking, “So what?” we have plenty of business and don’t need “to blog” to get more business or clients.  And you may be right – it really depends on your product or service and your end audience as to whether or not you SHOULD blog.

But, if you are trying to be found online – then you blogging is the solution.


This all might be daunting to you.  That’s why we exist.  We help businesses develop and create the content for its blog.  We partner with you to understand your core business and then use keywords to integrate in blog posts  so that you are found online.

For example, here’s a blog post we wrote for DaVinci’s blog.  Outlined in red are the keyword phrases relevant to DaVinci’s business that we used to write this blog post.

DaVinci Blog Posts with Keyword Phrases Highlighted

When we write several blog posts per month using these keyword phrases over and over again, it helps DaVinci’s website (and blog) climb to the top of Google searches.

What’s More?

Blogging can easily be tied to social media.  So if you have a social media audience, one of the best ways to get them to interact more with your company is to invite them to share their story about your product or service on your blog.

Moreover, you can also provide educational types of blog posts and then automatically publish them to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. so that the fans or members of these sites, will be enticed to click-on through to your blog.  If you are selling a product or service, then a subtle hyperlink to it always helps to give the reader a call-to-action.

Of course, you can also have buttons or banners on the side of your blog to get visitors to “bite”.  Here’s one of ours:


Are you interested in business blogging, but have more questions? Please feel free to contact us directly at info [at] businessblogwriters.com or 913-400-3888. We will update this page with any questions or concerns we receive.

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