What is Linkage in the Blogosphere and Why Is It Important?

by Jenny on August 21, 2012

Linkage is important.  Cars and trucks depend on it to run.  Believe it or nor, so do web sites.  No linkage, no traffic, or very little.  Since linkage is critical to the efficient running of vehicles likes car, trucks and web sites, let's explore the question:  what is linkage in the blogosphere and why is it important?

In case you've been asleep since 2004, or have recently returned from the dead, the blogosphere is the term used to describe the global proliferation of blogging, also known as web logging, journaling, chronicling, or reporting.  Some businesses buy blog posts, employ article writers, or hire freelance  content writers to build linkage.  Facebooking, Tweeting, and YouTubing are extremely popular social media optimization (SMO) platforms for exploiting the blogosphere's full, World Wide Web potential. 

Linkage is the means by which you include your business or personal website link on all of your social media communications.  Which leads us to backlinks.  Wait for it!   

What are backlinks?  Reverse links to your website, of course.  But they're more than just links in reverse.  When utilized correctly, backlinks can potentially help elevate your website in the search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN.   Search engines investigate the number and quality of your backlinks and rank your website accordingly.  So, the more links, the better…sausage links notwithstanding.  

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