What Makes a Good Blog Post

by Jenny on January 18, 2012

Website content writers in this ecommerce world know that in order to increase traffic to your website, a great and well written blog post should always be present. As blog post writers, we know how to write a good blog post.  Here are some great tips on things to think about in a blog post.

A good blog post is divided into the following sections:
  • Title
  • Keywords
  • Summary
  • Call to Action

We will be featuring blog posts that discuss the above sections in upcoming posts on our blog, but here are some more tips:

Proof your Work: Credibility and mastery of each blog post you make is very important therefore a writer should always be careful with grammatical and typographic errors in any part of the article. Tip: Read your article out loud.

Keep Your Audience in Mind: Always keep in mind the terms to use in your blog post. You should always take into consideration the understanding capacity of your target market. You do not want to write something that your audience might not be able to digest.

Keep An Ace Up Your Sleeve: You might want to include and reserve some important topics that will get your audience coming back for more. Use a call to action (images are usually great for this) to keep your readers coming back for more.

Be Clear and Concise in Your Writing: Always keep your blog posts clear and concise, so your readers can quickly understand the quality content you are sharing.

To gain more knowledge in writing original blog posts and SEO content writing, please continue to follow our blog.  If you don’t have time, and just need content now, then please consider hiring our ghost blog writers to help you with your blog.

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