What Makes A Great Business Blog?

by Jenny on January 11, 2011

What Makes A Great Business Blog?With so many blogs on the Internet, you may ask, how can your company’s blog capture a larger share of the market? The answer is not that simple however, here are 3 things you should revisit to make your blog great.

  • Appearance– In cooking, presentation of the dish carries a heavy weight as part of the overall verdict whether it can be known as a good dish or a superb one. It’s the same for business blogs. The blog theme, font or where you place your images, they all matter to the reader. If your blog looks difficult to navigate, it discourages your reader to explore it so beware of your blog’s appearance.
  • Content– You should aim for unique articles that are useful, timely and relevant. If you have difficulty on writing these types of articles, you can hire blog writers to do the job for you. More value posts mean more readers.
  • Promotion– Increase your presence online through susbcriptions, RSS feeds, contests and comments. Add your blog’s URL on company letterheads and link to blogs of the same niche as yours. If you’re too busy to do this, you can designate this to a freelance blog writer.

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