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by Jenny on January 21, 2010

If you’ve been looking into blogging for your business, then you have most likely run across a number of websites that are offering to write for your blog.

Truth be told, you can get someone to blog for you for very little money/post.  There is, of course, an issue of quality vs. quantity.

If your blog is keyword focused (as it should be) then really you need someone that can write and use those keywords, but if you want to get someone that can write, use those keywords and that will write while maintaining the integrity of your business, that is where  business blog writers comes in.

We are highly educated individuals that either write full or part-time and take pride in each post that we do.  If you have a more sophisticated product and are not selling bumper stickers, we are probably the way for you to go.

Now, that is not meant to cut down bumper stickers, but there are some products, like DaVinci Roofscapes’ products, that are a little more on the technical side of things.

However, it is important to consider a blogging system like Compendium when you are looking to blog whether you are DaVinci or the bumper sticker company.  In fact, we do not like to blog unless we can use Compendium.

We have looked into a number of blogging platforms and believe that Compendium is it.  They have done their SEO research and as a result have top producing blogs to show for it.

In addition to writing for your blog, we also will monitor where and how your company is being mentioned on the Internet.  We also will tweet about your company and post relevant information on other blogs about your company.  Since we look at a number of websites all day long, we will also suggest ways to improve your website, as we see fit.

So, in summary….

What Makes Us Stand Out:

  • Quality of our writing
  • Content Consistency
  • Online Tracking of Your Company Appearing on the Internet
  • Twitter Service
  • Posting about Your Company on Other Blogs

We think we offer a comprehensive service when it comes to blogging and believe we are the best blogging tool when you team us with Compendium’s top-notch software.

Please don’t  hesitate to contact us for a quote on your corporate weblog.

Dean Solutions, LLC

913-400-3888 Office


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