What the Heck is Digital Content Creation Using SEO and SMO and Why Would I Want It?

by Jenny on September 15, 2012

SEO and SMO.  What the heck is digital content creation using SEO and SMO and why would I want it?  What's in if for me?  

Unlike the Pontiac GTO muscle-car of years gone-by, SEO and SMO are destined to remain the driving force behind Internet search engine power rankings for many years to come.  

SEO stands for "search engine optimization."  SMO is an acronym for social media optimization.  Together, SEO and SMO are two of  the most advanced search engine techniques for helping drive Internet traffic to your website.  SEO works by using digital content creation embedded with keywords to aid Internet users in finding your business, brand, products and services first.  Search engine giant Google took SEO to its current state-of-the-art with algorithms that looked at links pointing toward a site and how prominent those links were. Meanwhile, Internet users are familiar with My Space and You Tube, which helped pioneer the early days of social media optimization.   While My Space has declined in popularity,  SMO Goliaths Facebook, YouTube and Twitter continue to direct torrents of traffic hroughout cyberspace. 

Digital content that lacks SEO and SMO would be like driving a GTO with a bad spark plug or a plugged-up carburetor.  If you want your businesses' website to lead the pack, put SEO and SMO in your tank!  

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