Why a Gravatar Should Matter When Creating Web Content

by Jenny on April 15, 2013

Blogging use to be done anonymously when writing blog posts. But now with the growing need to establish brand identity and connect with the online community, more and more bloggers and companies alike are using


Gravatar stands for Globally Recognized Aviator and is pulled from Gravatar servers when anyone leaves a comment or posts an article with it. The website must support Gravatar for it to be effective. In essence it is an image that you freely choose to use online. But why should an image matter when creating web content? The image used to create Gravatar serves as an online identity throughout the entire web and ultimately gives an indication of the type of brand or person behind it.

When you leave comments on websites and post online using your Gravatar you are increasing not only our online exposure, but also using visualization as a powerful marketing tool. This important tool helps others to recognize you and this is important to develop relationships online and to also increase your traffic. Without even looking at the article or the comment you wrote, most people will recognize your Gravatar. If you decide to do guest posting in the future and have to have a strong online presence then it is more likely to get websites willing to publish your posts because of your good online history.

You can use the best blog writers to help promote your Gravatar and brand. When someone uses the hovercard then they will get valuable information that allows them to trace not only your information, but to also build confidence in your expertise and brand on the process.  

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