Why Competing Industries Must Consider Blogging and Business

by Jenny on March 13, 2013

Many companies believe that maintaining a blog is a novel idea of get more people to recognize their business. The problem is that many start off with the blog and after a few months and even years no updates are made and the once novel idea becomes an obsolete fad. With the growth in popularity of social media many are now seeing that blogging and business cannot be separated or taken for granted.

Businesses that intend to compete with each other and gain a foothold of a particular market must have blogs to stay alive. Blogs are more than just website pages that people read. When used carefully, they can be a vital tool that boosts call to action efforts and also a business’ click through rate. They can be used to gather vital leads that can eventually be used in e-mail marketing campaigns or other online marketing initiatives to generate sales.  All of this is only possible if SEO content writing is intertwined into the message of each blog post. Without it, it becomes difficult for the reader to find content that is geared towards their needs.

A blog can also help to showcase expertise in a particular niche. This builds confidence in readers and also impacts whether they will consider sharing your content. If they decide to share your content then the businesses gets more exposure and feedback that will ultimately help it to be stronger than others. The results of this sharing will grow when the best blog writers are used to sell your business to readers.

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