Why Content Creation Needs Marketing

by Jenny on March 11, 2013

You did your research, hired professional website content writers and now have top-quality prose on your website, but are you done? NO, you are just getting started! Many webmasters make the mistake of assuming that they do not need to do any additional work after the articles have been published on their website. They believe that content creation is enough and hope that with the keywords used throughout the articles that they will appear in different search queries. This belief is risky, because it cripples your online potential and limits your brand exposure. To move forward you now need to market your content.

Marketing your content involves more than publishing it to your website after getting if from an online content writer. If you enjoy a lot of page views from loyal and unique visitors you still need to take advantage of this. Social media websites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are good places to start to get more people interested in your website. You can also have a subscription service in place what allows potential readers to subscribe to your content for free. This increases the chances of getting more exposure through referrals.

When you have an active social media account with content updates of published articles, then you will keep people interested for longer. The level of activity on the account allows readers to see that you are an expert in your field and that you are relevant to their needs.  Using Twitter for example, the number of page views you get for an article can greatly increase if you use the # with a specific keyword you are targeting. People that do the same will see the article even if they are not within your online social circle.

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