Why Fear and Loathing in the Blogosphere Should Be on Your Radar

by Jenny on August 12, 2012

It's enough to make the late journalist Hunter S. Thompson turn over in his grave. That's saying something since, by his own admission, Thompson spent the majority of his waking hours in an alcohol and drug-induced buzz.  So, in the spirit of the iconic writer, consider these recent Internet news headlines. 

  1. Toronto Star Neil Haywood murder:  Chinese bloggers react to Bo Xilai's wife's trial.  (Who cares except the Chinese bloggers and their morbid posse of murder trial followers)
  2. Christian Science Monitor Scientists create most disgusting robot yet, inspired by the revolting manner by which earthworms move.  (Just plain creepy)
  3. Shine by Yahoo Financially Fit Column – "6 Tricks to Slash Your Cell Phone Bill By $1,000 a Year".   (Now, who isn't down with that?) 

Let's focus on number 3.  The Yahoo Shine article details how iPhone and Android users can save up to $240 a year by not paying for text messaging.  What your cell phone provider won't to tell you is that if you download a free app entitled, "Textfree", you can send and receive texts and pictures for nada over data and WI-FI connections. If he were alive today, Thompson would no doubt applaud the free flow of information contained in the Yahoo article, then probably pour another drink.

My point is this:  there's already an army of article writers and freelance blog writers contributing to the babel in the blogosphere.  Creating web content that matters is just good business.  A professional web content writing service will help you take care of business!  And to paraphrase one of Hunter S. Thompson's most famous titles, that is why fear and loathing in the blogosphere should be on your radar.

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