Why Google Alerts Should Matter to an Online Content Writer

by Jenny on April 8, 2013

Google Alerts is a powerful tool that sends regular updates to your e-mail address based on your specific configurations. In the world of writing it is often overlooked by some bloggers and even businesses. But there is much more to it than just being your personal online assistant Google Alertsworking 24/7 to send your regular updates. When used correctly, it can help businesses and bloggers to keep ahead of new trends without having to scour the internet to find the information. This is why an online content writer should include it among any other tools used when writing. Other reasons include:

  • Relevance: Google Alerts will only send you updates that are relevant to your keyword specifications and interest. This helps you to stay on track when selecting the types of content and topics to write about.
  • Online thermometer: There is no better way for creating web content than by using an online thermometer. Google Alerts features trending topics so that you can see what is hot and what is not.  This saves you time, as you do not need to think about the next buzz-worthy topic.
  • Popularity checker: What better way to see how others are reacting to your content than with Google Alerts? You can check you online performance to see if your articles are getting the buzz you need.

There are numerous content creation tools and Google Alerts is just one of them. By effectively coordinating all these tools you increase the chances of being filtered through Google Alerts and reaching a wider audience.

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