Why HighWave Would Be a Good Blog Candidate

by Jenny on December 8, 2010

Highwave coffee and tea mugs, travel mugs and other kitchen productsHave you heard of HighWave?  They are a company out of California that makes speciality coffee and tea mugs, travel mugs and other kitchen products.

They’ve been in business since 1982.

JOEmoTea Brew

JOEmoTea Brew

I discovered their JOEmo Tea Brew when I was meeting with someone to discuss Business Blog Writers – believe it or not.  I was so crazy about the mug, that I asked them where they got it.  They responded with, “Function Junction” – which I thought had gone out of business in Kansas City (not the case – but was told that at the time), therefore, I couldn’t run down to Function Junction and get it.  So I looked on the bottom of the mug and saw their label and went home and Googled “Highwave”.

Of course, that’s the ideal way for a potential customer to find you – they see your product and love it and go to buy it.  But often times products are not seen and therefore not shared.  However, there is probably still a need for a product, as there is for travel coffee mugs or travel tea mugs.  Heck, I love my HighWave JOEmo Tea Brew so much that I use it in my house every day (I have 2).

So how can a company like HighWave be found by people that are looking for them?  Yup,  you guessed it, blogging.

Company blogging is so important for companies that are searching for the people that are searching for them.

google search

With Google’s new instant search (which is based on the millions of search trends Google sees a day), for example, when I type in “Travel Tea Mug” – which is what the JOEmo Tea Brew is, you can see that the instant results give you an opportunity to choose one with an infuser.  The JOEmo Tea Brew does not show up under “Travel Tea Mug” in the first 10 results on Google, nor does it show up when I choose Google’s suggestion with infuser.  I hate seeing that because this product is so cool – and unfortunately, lots of people searching for it are missing it.  Why?  Because it does have an infuser!  It has it all and it looks cool.

Of course, I could go through a number of their products and would find the same thing or similar.  However, this could all be changed with the proper blogging system and after 3 months with the best blogging tool, Highwave would have the potential to be on that first page of Google in the organic search results.

So you know why I really love blogging?  Because blogging helps people find really cool things that should be found.  I hope HighWave is ready to be found and contacts us for a free blog writing quote.

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Rebecca Wilkie December 10, 2010

While I almost always love to see my company’s name in print, I was surprised to read in your blog that we have closed in Kansas City. We are alive and well in Kansas City and have been for over 30 years. We are thriving in a beautiful store in Crown Center that now sports a total Viking Culinary Studio where we cook up spectacular stuff on a regular basis…and where you can still acquire your beloved JOEmo which we have purchased from Highwave for years.
Love to show you around if you’ve got the time,
Rebecca Wilkie
Proud Function Junction Co-Owner


Jenny December 10, 2010


Sorry about that – I knew the one in Mission Center was closed and also the one on the Plaza – was not aware of the one at Crown Center.

Should have done my homework, I guess – but when the lady that introduced me to the mug told me that all Function Junctions were closed – I believed her!



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