Why It’s Important to Have a Call To Action In Every Blog Post

by Jenny on May 4, 2011

Why It's Important to Have a Call To Action In Every Blog PostEngaging your blog visitors to become active is the primary goal of every blog post. An effective call to action will help you achieve your goal.

Here are a few ideas to keep in mind:

  • Go for the kill. Grab your readers with a simple and direct message on your blog content . Don’t beat around the bush on what you hope they would do.
  • Less is more. Try not to overcompensate to keep your readers interested by leaving a ‘call-to-action sequence’. An example would be asking them to enter in a contest by leaving a comment, follow you on Twitter, then re-tweet the contest to your followers and re-post the contest on their own blogs. Just choose one thing for them to do and then ask your readers to do it.
  • Use a poll. This is another way to let your readers know how much you appreciate their thoughts is through a survey.
  • Use graphics and images. Make your call to action unique by creating a visual treat for your readers. An example is asking them to follow you on Facebook with a customized banner.

Do you have more website content ideas for an effective CTA? Share them by leaving us a comment below.

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