Why Use Compendium Blogware?

by Jenny on January 22, 2010

Many people question our interest in using Compendium Blogware especially when you can get a blog setup through WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, etc. for nothing or next to nothing.

Don’t get us wrong, we think WordPress is where it’s at.  After all, that is what we use.  But we use it more as a method of communication than as a lead generation tool (although we welcome that too!).

If you are a business and are considering replacing your marketing budget that you used to spend on printed material and transferring that for some sort of social media (i.e., a blog, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter), then Compendium Blogware should be your top choice.

We don’t even mind if you don’t hire us to write for the blog or if you only want to hire us to write 10-15 blogs per month (we prefer writing at least 30/month, but will take the work that you are willing to pass along to us), we will be happy to listen to the Compendium demo with you and offer suggestions and tips on blogging.

The reason why Compendium is the way to go if you are serious about transfering your marketing budget over to social media is because Compendium will take your goal and find the right keywords.

For example, if you sell a widget, Compendium will do a search for that widget.  They are like a research librarian that starts with a large amount of information and will narrow it down to the final goal.  In other words, they find the keywords that are applicable to your widget (that is, what words people enter into Google to find widgets like yours – they’ll find words and ideas that you have never thought of!) and then will set up a blog that uses all those keywords, so that ultimately your visitor is narrowed down to what they were looking for – to buy your widget.

The head haunchos over at Compendium figured out long ago that blogging is a great search marketing tool.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Compendium is the only SaaS blogging platform built specifically for businesses.

You are always welcome to contact our contact at Compendium, Brian Millis, directly to see a free demo to see if Compendium is the right software for your corporate weblog.

Brian Millis

Phone: 317-777-6254

Wanna read the interview we did with Brian?  Check it out.

You’re welcome to contact us as well to discuss your options further:

Dean Solutions, LLC

913-400-3888 Office


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