Why We Choose to Work with Compendium

by Jenny on December 13, 2009

As Business Blog Writers, we are here to write for you blog.

Sure, we know a few things about Search Engine Marketing, keywords and the rest of it.  However, we are not Pros.  We think of it as being a plumber vs. being a homeowner.  Sure, we know a few things about toilets, like how to unclog a toilet, how to clean it and maybe how to change the wax ring.  However, we do not know how to remove a toilet, replace a new one or how to fix it. 

So rather than spending time and money on going to Home Depot to find the parts and reading plumbing books, we choose to call a plumber who will do the work, do it right and let us focus on what we are good at.

So in other words, we know we are great Business Blog Writers and excellent researchers for article topics and the rest of it, but we do not focus as much on keywords.  But, we didn’t want to leave you hanging, so of course, we had to find a company that offered software that would knock our socks off.

We did.  We found Compendium.  We found Brian Millis.

Brian Millis

Phone: 317-777-6254 

We suggest scheduling a demo with Brian at Compendium.  The demo is 30-minutes long and will offer significant information about the advantages of using a blogging software.  Even if you don’t want to hire us, but are THINKING about a blog, the demo is worth your time to help educate yourself about blogging and its benefits for your company.

Some Quick Benefits of Compendium

  • It is so easy to use – it’s like logging into an email account and typing an e-mail
  • In fact, it is so easy to use that there is only a 30-minute training session and then you are off and running.
  • There is a keyword strength meter that shows you if you’re including all the content you should be including.
  • Compendium will research your business and your goals and then decide on a core group of keywords to help make your blog a success.

Why Hire Business Blog Writers?

  • Blogs need quality and quantity content creation.  We love to write.  We do it every day and want to do it for you.  When can we start?
  • By hiring us, you’re hiring the plumber!  Not the homeowner.  We are professionals and know what we’re doing.
  • You don’t have to hire an employee to write for your blog or bug one of your employees to write for your blog!
  • We’ll hook you up with a Compendium, so you will be a for sure success with your blog when you hire us and them. 
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