Why You Need CTAs (Call To Action) In Your Blog Posts

by Jenny on May 25, 2010

Sale CTA Web Button

Sale CTA Web Button

A Call to Action (CTA) is the best blogging tool that you can incorporate during your content creation.  After all, the purpose of your blog is to get readers to take some sort of action – whether it is to buy something, submit information, participate in the discussion, etc.  You’ll want to inform your readers what to do next as most readers tend to be very passive at blog reading. Some will just zoom away at reading your blog without even leaving a comment since you have not asked for one! What bloggers need are interactive readers who will immediately leave a note or two after reading your post.

Here are some simple corporate blogging tips for you to consider:

1- CTAs Bring Loyalty Among Readers
You will notice that those who keep on commenting at your blog are the most loyal readers of your blog. If you were able to build on this because you asked them to participate in your blog, then you will be able to achieve a fairly popular blog.

2- CTAs Breed More CTAs
When people leave comments on your blog, other readers will find it interesting and will tend to begin interacting along. This brings about a whole new conversation or discussion among the readers of your blog. Bring your readers together and make them convene at your post. Let them pick at you to the very core.

3- One CTA Per Post
Do not overwhelm your readers with so many things to do in one post. Let them investigate with one action at a time. It will confuse them and tend to leave your post with so many CTAs. One CTA per post is good enough to make them participate.

So, our CTA for this post is to contact us for a quote on writing for your blog!

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