Will Trade Our Services for Yours

by Jenny on January 19, 2010

Being in the service business, we understand that sometimes all you have to trade is your service.  So if you have a service that would compliment ours, or if you would prefer to exchange product (instead of actual money) for our blogging service, we’re probably up for it.

Do you have a product or service that can help increase our traffic flow?  What about a product or software that will help us with keywords on our blog?  Or do you know of a search engine optimization technique that we aren’t using and could be.  If you want to help us execute it, we will exchange the number of blogs that is equal to the amount of your product or service.

Do you design themes for blogs or are you a graphic designer and think you can help us?  Tell us how and why, and we will let you know if we’re up for trading.

Are you a professional business photographer and would like to get your name and photographs out there?  We need photos for our blogs, so we would be happy to welcome a trade.

We know how to write, and we know we do it well.  But we don’t know about all the other ways to create lead generation for companies and are ready for all your ideas so that we can pass it along to our clients.

Do you want to blog about us or team up with us?  In other words, can your product or service help our clients and in return our service can help your clients?  Great!  We are all about helping businesses grow.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any ideas that you have.

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